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At click NDRA Consultancy, we understand that choosing a consultancy company to work with is a very important decision. The effects can be life-changing in a good or bad way… for your hotel, your brand, your reputation, staff, guests, financially and for you personally. That’s why it’s vital you make the right decision.

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Many consultancies will offer you the world… a glamorous array of ‘highly experienced’ auditors, hoteliers and other ‘experts’ but do they get results? More often than not, the answer is no. Instead, what you receive is a lot of reports, large financial invoices for their many services and, generally, a lot of time-consuming and ineffective waffle.

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We’ve seen them, hired them, worked with them… you name it, we’ve experienced it… but, importantly, we’ve learned from their mistakes, which is why, at NDRA Consultancy, we work with a small but highly experienced and talented team of individuals who can work closely with you to analyse and improve your services efficiently, personally and successfully, often within a much shorter time frame.

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From the intricate workings of your hotel management and staffing to improving your guest experience; improving the functionality of your website to strengthening your relationship and reputation with influential members of the media, brands and attracting future guests; whatever you need, we can help.

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The Choice is Simple…

‘Do you need an entourage? Or, a tight, experienced team who get the job done, boost your reputation and improve the services of your hotel in an impressively efficient timeframe, buy Prozac online without disrupting it’s service and sticking out like a sore thumb?’ If it’s the latter, we’d really love to hear from you so get in touch.

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  • We’ve been very impressed with Natasha and Ricky’s methods of working and the results they’ve helped us to achieve. They are always easy to contact, approachable and open to listening to feedback and ideas. Plus, their natural instincts of appraising the situation, along with their skills and experience, means that they can see things in a different way to other hotel and leisure consultancies and it’s definitely put us at an advantage.

  • It's always a pleasure to work with this consultancy. Natasha and Ricky are approachable, professional and, importantly have helped us to achieve stunning results. Not only has our reputation and global outreach improved, but rather than the ‘quick fix’ results that other consultancies tend to provide, they have visibly helped us to create strong foundations for future growth.

  • This consultancy is Fresh, Innovative, Creative, Imaginative, Effective, High-Achieving, Efficient, Experienced, Hands On,  On The Pulse Of The Industry, Here For YOU… What else could you ask for?!

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